2015 Mizzou Atlanta Open Championship

Details (such as cost) are coming soon, but please go ahead and pencil in the morning of Saturday, May 2 as our first annual Mizzou Atlanta Open Golf Championship at TopGolf Alpharetta.

Prizes will be awarded to the best scores.

For more information, please email Mizzou Atlanta President Elect Brent at RBrentAdams@Gmail.com.


  1. “But I’m not a golfer.”

That’s fine. This isn’t a “real” golf tournament on a golf course — this is like darts or target practice, from a multi-level driving range. (Go to TopGolf.com, it explains it better.)

  1. “But I don’t have golf clubs.”

That’s also fine — TopGolf provides golf clubs on-site. And the clubs are of a better quality than the ones I own.

  1. “But I’m really bad at golf.”

Have you seen me play? I’m an avid golf fan but a poor golfer. The point is to have fun! (And you’ll probably do better than me anyway.)

  1. “I don’t want to play golf.”

And you don’t have to. There are multiple cocktail bars, restaurants, billiards tables, a video arcade, and other attractions. They market it as a “premier social experience.” And I think it has something for everyone — children, 20-somethings, families, etc.

  1. “But Alpharetta is SO far away.”

I completely understand. But the Topgolf Atlanta location won’t open till August. And Mizzou Atlanta has a significant contingent of people (families, mostly) who live OTP, outside of the Perimeter, who drive long distances to see us. Let’s do the same for them. This will be fun!

May 2, 2015
10:00 am — 1:00 pm
Topgolf Alpharetta 10900 Westside Parkway, Alpharetta GA 30009
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