Mizzou Atlanta achieves Capstone status for the third year in a row!

It’s official. For the third straight year, our chapter has been awarded “Capstone” status by the Mizzou Alumni Association, the highest level a chapter can achieve. It requires a variety of steps to be taken by the chapter, including attending leadership training in Columbia, hosting a variety of events, adding new members, and much more.

This puts us on the same level as a number of other large, well-established, prestigious chapters, such as St. Louis, Kansas City, Boone County, Los Angeles, New York City, Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago, etc. It also helps us with funding and allows us to give away a 4-year scholarship in the spring. Most importantly, it allows us to continue putting on great events for all of us to enjoy.

We could have not have done this without YOU and YOUR SUPPORT — Mizzou Atlanta cannot exist without its awesome members.

So please spread the word, and have a drink! YOU deserve it!

(Not an MAA member? Not to worry! Go to www.mizzou.com and join today! Use code CAY to indicate you’re signing up for our chapter, Mizzou Atlanta.)

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